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You will leave this event with a clear way forward to improve your reuse program. 

Are you joining us to learn about how to set up and improve reuse programs?


Here are the speaker profiles and what you will learn....

Mike Howroyd

Mike is the Sustainability Projects Officer at the University of Leeds, and will be talking to us about how to set up a reuse system, how to get buy-in from senior management, and what ongoing resources you may need to make your reuse system a success. Last year, Mike joined us for a great interview, and we’re pleased to welcome him now for this workshop.
Mike has a very wide ranging experience in making progress with sustainability , from staff garden projects, to waste management, staff engagement campaigns and ISO14001. In my opinion Mike has been leading the way in the public sector around reuse for the last 10 years. Google thinks the same- If you are in the UK and you google "Reuse and University" you will see Mike gets the top spot ahead of any other University (and Warp It!). He was the first one I had seen set up their own internal online platform. 
Mike will talk about the challenges he has faced and how he has overcome them to deliver a great reuse platform.

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Alex Fowler

Alex is the Environmental Manager at NHS Humberside Trust, where for the last four years he has been working a variety of interesting environmental and sustainability-related projects. We interviewed Alex last year to talk about project implementation and reuse benefits.

In this workshop, Alex will be discussing the barriers he faced in getting staff and colleagues to buy into reuse and start participating, and he will be giving you all of his best tips and tricks too.

Alex believes the NHS have not only got a responsibility to reduce their own Carbon impact but also lead from the front

"As a large organisation, we have a responsibility to look at reducing our carbon impact and lead the way for local businesses and the community to see we are making considerate changes for long term benefit." 

Alex is a big fan of big strategic actions (has recently implemented an electric cars and charging project) and small actions by currently focused on recruiting a green Champion Network.

In this talk you can expect Alex to give you an insight into the most important factors in setting up a successful reuse campaign . You will leave the session with a feeling of better understanding of the power of reuse and how to make it work for you and your company’s and with a clear understanding of the benefit reuse and recycling can bring to your organisation. 

Ben Tongue

Ben (with scroll in above pic)  is the Sustainability Manager at NHS Digital, a role in which he is a motivator and change agent with a broad sustainability skill base including compliance, change management, efficiency improvements, training, awareness and engagement. 

Ben is also focusing on how NHS Digital can improve the sustainability of the whole NHS service through ICT developments.

Ben completed the world first PGCert in Circular Economy at Bradford Uni. As part of this he looked at how the furniture sector could respond to resource pressures and changing the way they will provide services.

In our Leeds workshop, Ben will be discussing the future of furniture services and how we will come to adopt the circular economy to change our purchasing and disposal behaviours.


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Debby Roberts


Debby is the Deputy Director, Campus Services (Facilities) at Teesside University, where she is responsible for soft services, ensuring that students' needs and expectations are met and exceeded.  

The Teesside University estate and the university sector is constantly evolving and Debbie's staff & peers say Debby shows strong leadership skills, having led the team through a period of significant change. She is seen as someone 'clearly valued' by her team. 
Debby is perfectly placed to give us her insight into culture change and embedding new practices. She’s coming to talk to us about how to integrate reuse and reuse policies with facilities management, as well as some best practices for donating assets to other organisations and charities.


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Mark Shayler

Mark is hosting the innovation sessions. He will guide you through identifying areas of improvement for reuse and for any work practices. He will also be getting you to come up with ideas to make your work life better!

You can read more about Mark here.


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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor's mission for the last 15 years has been to make the reuse of assets easy. Daniel has saved organisations over £20 million in avoided waste and procurement charges developing reuse schemes. Daniel developed Warp It while working at Newcastle University in 2011 and started working on it full time in 2013.  Since then he has implemented reuse programs in over 200 organisations.

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We are looking forward to our first workshop in Leeds on the 14th March. If you want to book on any of our regional workshops please see more info here.


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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.

Topics: Events People

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