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Is your reuse program failing? Don’t panic! Read this.

Most projects aren’t doomed for failure at the beginning; but the reality is that sometimes things fall apart, for a whole lot of reasons.

Here are some tips to help you rapidly recover your reuse project if you’ve realised it’s started to fail.

Stop! And evaluate.

Review your business case. Do this immediately and identify if the original problem still exists. Is there still a requirement to match up unwanted assets with new owners? Are items still be scrapped? Is someone stopping this happen? Is your chosen solution still the correct option? 


Talk to your stakeholders. Where do they see the blockages? What needs to change?


Illustrate the need for the project.

If there is still a need to solve the problem, illustrate it! A great way to do this is by taking photos. Take lots that illustrate the absolute need to reuse surplus items.

Great guide here.

Photographs of stationery squirreled away in a corner; electricals goods gathering dust in a store room; or furniture being scrapped are all examples.

These kinds of images will build a powerful illustration of the absolute truth that a reuse programme is needed, and an eye-opening reality check for senior management to buy into it.

And don't forget to gather any statistics to back up your case. Identify furniture spend. Disposal spend.


Set recovery in motion.

Engage senior management and stakeholders. Show them the evidence that the need for the project still exists. Be honest. Tell them it is failing. 

Reignite their support, and get them to cascade through their staff and departments the need to engage with the reuse project.

This way, staff throughout your organisation can understand the reuse problem and the solution that is available.


Communicate clearly and often.

Remember a one-off meeting, email or newsletter just won’t cut it. It may solve a one-off issue or problem but to achieve buy-in from both senior management and staff across the organisation a strategic approach to communications is absolutely key.

You need maximum visibility for your re-use project and you need to make sure people don’t forget!

Follow our 13 top communication actions. Just do one a month for 6 months and you will be back in the frame!

Likewise, when it comes to sharing items on the reuse portal make sure that it’s done frequently and that you don’t have any barriers or bottlenecks.

You don't want one person holding all that information about surplus assets. It needs to be democratised and the way to democratise that information is to put it on a market place platform online so everyone can see it and you get a positive outcome!



Above all, stay calm and plan it out.

You can use our action plan to help.

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Alexandra O'Connor

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