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Feature: listing lab and medical equipment

by Becky

Reusing lab and medical equipment and medical research or biomedical devices has proven challenging in the past.

This is because these devices, equipment, and machines are often highly technical pieces of kit with variable specifications, meaning there are many more critical factors to consider when reusing in comparison to office furniture and stationery demands.

For example, some lab and medical equipment may include dangerous parts and require special training to operate. Others may or require a user manual, or legal, maintenance, and service documentation.

The parameters and standards affecting the reuse of lab equipment must be considered, including the management of biological and chemical safety and decontamination.

Following our lab consultation in March 2022 we partnered with The University of Queensland to increase the rate and improve the safe facilitation of the reuse of lab, and medical and biomedical equipment.

In summary, we’ve added extra categories to ensure all relevant details can be included when uploading items to the Warp It redistribution system.

We have also added a holding facility where lab kit can be checked over before going live on the market, to ensure accuracy and safety.

This update will ensure a new lease of life for lab equipment in a safe and coordinated way, while making the process easier for reuse admins, and those responsible for transporting these items.

Read on for guidance on how to access this feature.

First step - turn on lab equipment

Login as admin and go to Settings > Asset Settings

Scroll down to Lab Item Feature and set to enabled. Click the save button. The feature is now enabled.

lab feature item2

Now when any item from the lab equipment category is added, the extra lab fields will be completed and the pdf uploaded. When the lab equipment category items are added they go to the held item section to await approval.


Next, add item


Go to the add item page and now when any sub category from the lab equipment category is selected, the extra fields and the pdf upload will be available to complete.

Fill in all other fields and add the item with quantity required. The item will be added is now in the held items list with the real quantity held.


add item  add item 2


Activate held items

Now, go to held items page in the item menu.




In the held item list, click the check box of the item you wish to activate > make sure activate item is selected in the drop down and click apply changes.


 view items


The items held quantity will be set to 0 and the old held becomes the real quantity. It will now go live in the marketplace and be displayed in the active items list.


Marketplace view


You'll see new fields are now displayed in the marketplace view when lab equipment items have been activated. Click on the pdf link to view the uploaded pdf.




Need help? 

Book a screen share session to go over this feature, or any other Warp it features, please get in touch and email becky@warp-it.co.uk.

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