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Look How Far We've Come! - Take Our Template!

It is vital to keep your members up to date with the progress you are making in your reuse project.

Keeping up with your users might seem like a tough task, but with all of the technology we have available to us now, making articles and sending them out via social media , newsletters, intranet or more traditional means is a pretty straightforward process.

In this article, we are going to give you a couple of tips about creating articles, but the real action that you need to take is to download the ‘Look how far we’ve come’ template at the end. This template is one of our most downloaded pieces and has been so effective for our customers when putting newsletters together.


The best procedure

At month three or at month six, send out a communication to your staff members telling them how well they've done on the reuse system, how well they're doing, how well they are using it, how much they have saved, how much waste has been avoided and what it means to the organisation.

This is something we’ve found to be very popular and increase engagement, and with Warp It, all of that data is freely available within the system!

Updates are a pat on the back

A pat on the back builds momentum, but there are right ways to do it and wrong ways to do it. What you’ll find in the template are some ways of showing staff how well they’ve done, reminders for why they must continue, and pointers for how to engage with users or the system. We’ve made it simple too, you can just change certain details to suit your business, but most of the detail is already provided for you!

There’s also a story in that free download that serves as social proof. It shows your users that they aren’t alone on the system, that everyone else is doing this too, so they should get involved. It makes them feel more inclined to sign up. You might even want to think about adding a quote from senior management to remind them that the culture change is policy.

Look how far we’ve come

To change behaviour you need to keep chipping away! This template is designed to announce to your staff how well your organisation is doing in moving towards resource sustainability via your reuse actions. You have been on the system a while now- let your staff know how well they have been doing. The template should take about 10 minutes to edit and then send to your communications department or equivalent.

Use this template to:

  • Get a quick win and keep your communications flowing. (You need to keep chipping away at the comms over time- this is an easy win!).
  • Increase participation in your reuse programme.
  • Increase support from senior management for your reuse programme.
  • Tell your local community and region how well you are doing.

look how far update newsletter

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

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