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New Feature: Mark items for internal use only

by Becky
As you all know we welcome any suggestions for changes, upgrades and options to make life easer as a Warp It Admin. If you are set up to allow external claims, applying this setting will allow you to add items that are for internal use only.

Turn on Internal Only

When signed in as admin go to Settings > Control Partners  and scroll down to Internal only setting. Switch to enabled to use this feature.


Internal Only

Now when you add an item, a checkbox will be visible on the add item page. Checking this box will make the item internal only.  It will only appear on internal marketplace views and will not be visible to external partners.


When would this feature would be beneficial?


If you are having a building clearance and you are still uncertain as to whether you would like these items to be offered to external parties or you are adding high value items that you would like to keep within the organisation.  


If you would like to explore our settings more or if you need guidance and advice on what would work best for your organisation please get in touch. 



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