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New Admin Feature: Deleting Options On Active Items

Welcome! We are pleased to introduce a new feature for the benefit of admins on the Warp It system.

Admins will now see some changes in terms of what they are able to delete and remove on active items.

It may be the case that an item’s situation has changed, and the admin must update the system to reflect this, in order not to create disappointment or confusion for potential claimants.

What is new?

If there are no claims against an item, the admin will see a delete button, which will allow them to delete the item off the system completely.

If there is a claim against an item there will be an option to remove item, which will set the quantity to zero, but will keep the item in the database for future use.

The benefits

When the remove item option is chosen, the item will no longer appear in the active items list. However, users will still be able to access the claim info using the claimed and collected links.

Who can use this feature?

Only company admins have access to this new feature, not company users.

Good luck and enjoy!


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Daniel O'Connor

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