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New Feature: Control Category Checkboxes

by Becky

Warp It Admins have expressed an interest in having more control of user behaviour.

In this case we had a request from Sussex Community NHS Trust to get agreements from members when they were adding or claiming certain categories because these categories were associated with specific risks. 

We have had similar requests in the past so we looked into it further.

There maybe certain risks around electricals, ward equipment and even some types of furniture and members need to know about these risks or agree to statements around these risks.

We have now introduced a feature where any member uploading a particular category of item or anyone claiming a particular category of item has to agree to a customisable statement.
To take a look at this setting admins should navigate to Admin> Settings> Control Users.....




Use the Select Category drop down to choose which category to control:


Enable/disable for upload page – if enabled the checkbox will be displayed when a user is uploading the specified category on the add item page


Enable/disable for claim page – if enabled the checkbox will be displayed when a user is claiming the specified category on the claim item page


A message is displayed stating that the user must agree to the upload/claim – see below for the message that will appear on the add item page and submission will not be allowed until the box is checked.




Claim page

On the claim page if the item being claimed is in the controlled category then the claim statement will appear and the item cannot be claimed until the checkbox is selected.





How will this help?

This will help you to reduce risk across the organisation by making members aware of what is expected of them. 

You may want to revisit conversations with stakeholders in your organisation who have been reticent about reuse due to the risks involved as you now have this new level of control. This might be space managers, decontamination and health and safety officers. 

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