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New Feature: Deleting users & transferring their items

by Becky

Members of your organisations come and go, this is simply the nature of work, and it often goes hand in hand with Warp It and reuse when it comes to rehoming assets that are no longer wanted or needed.

What happens now?

As standard, when a user leaves the organisation and their account gets deleted, their items will become the possession of the admin by default. This isn’t always the desired outcome, so the admin is able to change this setting so that the items transfer to another user.

Where are these settings?

Log into the admin portal, go to the blue box headed 'Members', sub-heading 'View Members' and find the member that is to be deleted. Opt for delete which will prompt a confirmation box to pop up (see image below).  Now you can select the members you want their items to be transferred to...nice and simple! 


How to transfer assets from the admin to a standard user...

The admin has been allocated assets from a deleted standard user but this is a NOT the desired outcome.  The admin can now allocate these items to another standard user. Go to Company Account > Settings > Control Assets and switch Transfer items to enabled, then click save.


Next go to active items and select an individual item, when enabled a new box will appear at the end of the form.  Select the user you would like to transfer the items to and click transfer to user button.

You will be taken to a confirmation page with details of the new owners email and telephone and item details. 


An email will be sent to the user and the admin confirming this transfer.


What are the outcomes?

When deleting users from the Warp It system, if no user is selected then the items will transfer to admin as default.

If the user deletes their own profile, items will be transferred to the admin of the company.

The admin can control any outcome. 

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