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New Feature: Prioritise some members over others

Sometimes, due to certain circumstances, you need to prioritise some members or organisations over others. Well, now you can.

Why is this feature necessary? 

As an example, as part of a building move where the staff who are moving want to claim items from their old building, it is now possible to prioritise those members in the name of facilitating better internal redistribution.

Additionally, the feature can be used to select the type of organisation who will be able to see the items you are trying to list and reuse. For example, you can set 'only for schools', or 'only for charities'. 


How do you do it? 

We are going to use schools as the example, but you can replace schools with whoever you wish to prioritise.

1) Add items with an 'available from' date that starts in the future. 

2) Add 'Only for schools' into the additional info.

3) Ask the schools to search for items using "Only for schools".

4) Ask the schools to add items they want to their watch list.

5) As soon as the 'available from' date arrives- they will get an email and go to the front of the queue to claim!

It's really as simple as that.


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