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New Feature: Stop getting cc'd into emails from standard users!

by Becky
As you all know we welcome any suggestions for changes, upgrades and options to make life easier for a Warp It Admin. Giving you more control over what you receive. When a standard user sends a query on an item to another standard user the admin would always be copied in. Now you, the admin, can disable this feature giving you more control over your inbox. Some may like to see the sort of questions standard users are asking each other, whereas some of you would like these sort of emails to be kept between users alone. Filtering out these types of unwanted messages gives you time for a well earned break! Here is how you choose.

Settings - getting to know your options?

Simply go to the blue section headed 'Settings' - 'Control Assets' and scroll down to the section headed 'Email to Admin - Item Question'.  

Here you can either Enable or Disable these messages.  The default will be disabled. 



Simple! But a reminder to have a look at what the Settings section holds 


This is a perfect example of what our settings section holds.  Take 5 minutes to scroll through the various sections.  'Control Users', 'Control Partners' and 'Control Assets'. 

If you would like to explore our settings more or if you need guidance and advice on what would work best for your organisation please get in touch. 



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