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Feature: Store Management Settings

If you have the luxury of storage on (or off ) your estate , then storage can act as an extra lifeline for items.

What we mean by that is often somebody might want to find a new home for something on a Thursday, but if there's no storage, it's going to get scrapped. However, if you do have storage, you can often keep items for a week, two weeks, two months, or two years, and wait for someone else who is going to need it. This is a huge benefit of storage.

Also some people just have to get rid of their thing straightaway! So temporary storage is required if you want to avoid the bin.

Before you send items to your store you need to maximise peer to peer transfers! See here. 

The cost of storing an item

Storage is expensive to have. It needs managing. It needs paying for.

Putting an item in a room and waiting for it to magically find a new owner is not a good method. We have a better way.

On Warp It you can start to negate these costs by using the system to 


  • Present what is in your store to your staff (and external partners if appropriate)- creating a online shopping experience.
  • Use the system to track what is coming in and out of the store in order to manage stock effectively.


Having storage will actually make reuse easier to embed, but it’s not always necessary, and not all organisations are blessed with storage for reuse. (See here for techniques you can use to take the pressure off storage OR why you don't necessarily need storage)


Here’s an example of Warp It’s storage management tools

You can use the Warp It storage feature like this.


1) Joe Bloggs adds 20 chairs to Warp It.

2) The 20 chairs are located in Joe’s office.

3) Joe Bloggs has X days to find new homes for the chairs.

4) As soon as the 20 chairs are added, anyone who has ‘chair’ on their wishlist will be sent a notification that chairs are now available.

5) For example, 10 of the 20 chairs are claimed on day one by John and Jill due to the wishlist feature.

6) There are 10 chairs remaining that don’t get claimed before the x days expire date.

7) As the 10 chairs expire, the person who runs the store is notified that unclaimed items are without a home on the estate.

8) Joe Bloggs is also notified that 10 chairs were not claimed, and is sent an email with advice for moving the items into storage, for example ‘please fill out a disposal request’, or ‘please call this number’.

9) The ten chairs are moved into the store.

10) The status of the chairs on the Warp It system changes to ‘In store’ and they become available to claim when the store manager confirms they are ready.

11) The same items are re-listed, this time with the location ‘In store’ instead of ‘Joe Bloggs Office’.

12) Users of Warp It can browse the virtual store room to see what their organisation has sitting unused in storage.

13) When someone searches for a chair in future, they will see the ten chairs in the store.


The new owner of the chairs is the store

Instead of Joe Bloggs continuing to receive questions or claims about his chairs, he is no longer the owner, and it is instead the store manager who received requests or claims. Now that the items are in the store, Joe Bloggs no longer has to explain where his office is, or organise viewing times with colleagues. It’s now down to the store to arrange viewings, and the location of the store should be common knowledge.


How do you implement storage facility?

  1. Go to ‘admin’
  2. Click on ‘control partners’
  3. Visit the ‘private network’ section
  4. Input a storage email - The system now knows that you don’t want to share assets with third parties, and instead you want a private network and storage system



The benefits of storage are quite obvious, but we really like it from our system's point of view because it gives members more time to find a new home internally for their items and it keep the value of resources within the organisation, and that’s the best way to reuse. On the other hand, we are aware that a store is a form of real estate that requires someone to look after it, which is both expensive and made easier by Warp It, but will remain a hurdle for some. If you encourage the Warp It users in your estate to maximise their wishlist and watch list functions, it will take even more pressure off the store.

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