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New monthly reports on Warp It. Super useful for maximising reuse.


You may have noticed the new monthly reports on Warp It. They are a little bit more digestible, a little bit more stylish, but also, we have customised the subject line, so when you receive your monthly report from Warp It, it will now read, "Hi [First Name]. You have saved £/$xyz for your organisation this month."

You can get these reports sent to all of your stakeholders- whoever you choose. It is a really good technique for raising the sustainability profile.

We think these reports are really good because they are a quick and easy way to keep the main stakeholders interested and keeing sustainability front of mind. 

  • Getting senior buy in from across the organisation
  • Getting buy in from Facilities Management
  • Use the data to make a business case for more resources!

 edinburgh report 1.png

And when you open it, you can see exactly how much you have saved, how much waste you have diverted, how much carbon you have diverted, what you have given to charity, what numbers of items added, all that sort of thing. Just like the old reports, but this is laid out a little bit better.


Now the whole reason we have the comprehensive metrics on Warp It, is because organisations in general, do not really appreciate the value of reusing surplus assets. They do not appreciate the financial savings and they certainly do not appreciate the sustainability savings.


You know, in general, reuse isn't given the priority it deserves. A large proportion of money is spent on waste disposal and on recycling because this is the popular thing to do. Whereas real reuse actually fixes a process rather than putting a bandaid on it.

 edinburgh report 2.png

When you are on Warp It and you see how much you're saving, and you use those metrics to make reports to senior management, senior management sit up and take notice and they tend to get a good impression of how important reuse is.

Now we've taken this one step further in the last few months, by providing a new feature. That new feature is that you can automatically send the monthly report to whoever you want to in your organisation by fixing a couple of settings on the system. You might want to send that report to all the stakeholders involved with reuse, Head of Facilities, Head of Procurement, Deputy Head of Estates, etc.


What is the benefit of sending reports to these people who have got a million things on their plate?

They are going to get an email every month about reuse. In that subject line, they will see how much reuse is saving the organisation. The benefits of this are: you, as the admin, gets a virtual high five and pat on the back every time that lands in the inbox because you're saving them money; but also, it keeps reuse and it keeps sustainability at the front of the minds of these senior officers, managers and stakeholders in reuse, so that when they're in their committee meetings, when they're in the café, when they're hobnobbing with other peers of similar stature across the organisation, they're talking about reuse, they're talking about sustainability.

Because this is front of mind, when you get to month 6, 9, or 12 you may want to make a business case for more resources to put into reuse. Maybe a permanent member of staff. Or improved storage. Or a dedicated reuse truck?

 edinburgh report 3.png

In this way, you can use reuse as another vehicle for your sustainability or your procurement objectives. This helps with culture change across the organisation.

These senior managers are only going to open the email if it's got a decent subject line, which addresses them and mentions the savings that you're making.


My Advice; Easy win

So what I'd advise is, on your Warp It system...go to Admin> Settings> Edit profile....then add in all of the senior managers who are involved in the stakeholder group for reuse, add them into this position on the system, they'll get a monthly email. Remember, it's just a monthly email, you're not clogging their inboxes, and remember, you're bringing them good news in the main. So they're going to want to see that email, they're going to want to have an insight into how the reuse system is developing over time. It's a win, win for you, from your sustainability or procurement objectives, and also your career objectives.


Okay, let me know what you think of the feature, if it can be improved in any way, or if you have any other ideas on metrics, please get in touch.


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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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