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Fiona Daly talks about how to get stuff done

As you might have seen we organise regional workshops to help organisations make reuse mainstream. We had the honour of having Fiona Daly, Sustainability Lead at NHS Improvement,  talking about how to get things done in large bureaucratic organisations.  She is an expert at creatively finding funding for projects that would otherwise stay on the wish list. (See here for example.) 

Here is a quick video of Fiona's top tips for getting stuff done.


You can see Fiona speak at our forthcoming Birmingham workshop.




When Fiona talks about making things happen she says:


"The biggest thing that I would say is it's all about attitude. You've got to have the right attitude.

Projects will be delivered, projects won't be delivered, people will come back at you with objections, they'll list reasons why you can't do things.

But I think you've got to have the right attitude, and with the right attitude, you can overcome anything.

Be positive, be bold, be tenacious. Never, never, never give up.

Be patient, as well. Sometimes, it's the right project but the wrong time, so it's really important to just keep going. 

Find what people's hooks are, what really drives people, what they're engaged in, not what you're engaged in, and then use that to drive your approach so that you can really engage with people and hook them in. Get them on your journey with you, but on their terms.

It's all in the attitude. Be bold, be tenacious, be creative, and never, ever give up.

And just fundamentally believe that you really, really, really can achieve everything."


Thank you Fiona for those wise words!


To catch up with Fiona make sure you book on our Birmingham event on the 24th May.


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