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£2.7 million in savings from reuse within the Russell Group

We have some great news to share with you.

The reuse of furniture and laboratory equipment pays off handsomely within the Russell Group of Universities!

16 of the 24 Russell Group Universities use our system. The Russell Group Universities generally consist of the most energy intensive due to research and lab activities. They are interested in savings that sustainability can bring.

Savings from procurement and waste disposal=  £2.7 million

Avoided carbon emissions from reduced manufacture= 1.5 million KGs CO2e

Avoided waste arises: 600 tonnes

We thought we would blog about the Russell Group because,  last week Warp It was pleased to welcome the University of Birmingham onto our system.

We are looking forward to helping the university improve their current method for reusing assets around the campus, for which they’ve already received many awards.

Birmingham follow on the heels of the University of Leeds who were the last Russell Group member  to sign up. 


Post script- Exeter University are now signed up!

university of birmingham reuse system warp it

This is a milestone for us, because we've hopefully reached a tipping point within the group having 16 out of 24 of the institutions in the group.

university of leeds reuse system warp it


Proactive with reuse

Russell Group’s representatives are disproportionately positioned at the top of our reuse  league tables illustrating that reuse practices are embedded well.

russell group leagues highlighted

The teams within these institutions are dedicated to reuse and are big fans of our furniture reuse system, which allows them to reuse surplus assets. If you’d like to gain a better insight into these, here are some resources we've made with Russell Group Universities:



Spreading beyond the university

Universities are a great place to start a reuse project, but the end point doesn’t necessarily need to stay within the campus. In Glasgow, the universities, the NHS healthcare sector, the councils, the schools and the charities all teamed up to create an organization-wide sharing platform.

Groups like the Russell Group have a great opportunity to achieve something similar, using their authority and connections to build community sharing platforms.


Interesting Data

See the graphic below for savings information on our Russell Group members.

russell metrics

The next step

For us here at Warp It, the next step is to try and bring the remaining Russell Group Universities onto our system. If you would like to chat to use please book in a slot here.

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Daniel O'Connor

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