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Using Managers to Support Incremental Rollouts

Is your organisation a bit apprehensive about giving staff tools that they could potentially cause havoc with?

Don’t worry, it’s a common concern. When we introduce the capabilities of Warp It, sometimes we get a bit of pushback about its dangers and limitations.


Worry not

Does each building on your estate have a building manager or equivalent? If yes, this person is well placed to play a leading role in Warp It because right now, it’s likely that they’re the go-to individual for disposing of or reusing items. The problem with the building manager being in this position is that they are a busy bottleneck for disposals and reuse. However, it does provide a safety net to organisations with regards to their concerns about the tool.


What about the head of each department?

If each department has a head of admin (or their deputy or their admin), you can use them to support the Warp It system. Some of the same issues with building managers might crop up, but the head of departments will allow scalability to occur at a much faster rate. They’d have greater levels of control, but over a potentially smaller and more close-knit group of individuals.


Perhaps we can get even smaller…

The head of each team or unit with a department or building might be well placed to be a Warp It member and support the tool’s rollout. This would give you great scalability and control but might lead to having too many individuals involved.


What to do?

Pick one of the three methods above and trial it. If you want to tighten the controls, go down a level, and if you want to loosen them, go up a level. After a trial, you’ll quickly know if the concerns were legitimate and if they were realised, but we’ve found that staff are generally quite OK with Warp It and are not causing any real damage when rolled out incrementally.

If you would like Warp It to deliver online training sessions to any of the parties involved or other relevant members of your organisation, this can be done at your convenience.


How are we looking to help with this issue?

Right now we are developing a quarantine system, whereby each claim that is made needs to be approved by an admin or representative. This will lead to more admin time, but it will include a ‘bulk approve or reject’ feature for admins who are more or less trusting.

Could you see this tool being of use to you? Would it free up more activity?


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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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