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Feature: How to Reject Staff Members (politely)

Hello Warp It Admins, this article is for you.

We want to clear up a little idiosyncrasy that crops up every now and again on our platform - the case of rejecting staff members…

Under normal circumstances, what you’ll find is that when a member of your organisation registers with your Warp It portal, they will leave their name and work email address. This is good. However, sometimes, you might find that the staff member has registered with their personal email address, such as a Gmail or Hotmail account. Not good. Whilst this won’t produce any technical issues, it does throw up the question of ‘What can Warp It be used for?’.

If a member of your organisation is using their personal email address, they might be under the illusion that Warp It is for home use. In reality, Warp It is for the workplace, and so we encourage Admins to reject these registrations and ask their new registrants to use their work emails. It’s also much better to be consistent.

How to let them down gently

There’s no need to admonish the registrant, instead, we’re going to give them a clear and actionable rejection. So, Admins, you need to click in their record, choose ‘reject application’ and in the box that allows you to provide a reason, you can say -

Sorry ___, I can’t approve this account because you’ve used your home/personal email address. Please try signing up again with your work email address, or send me your work email and I can edit the registration on your behalf.

This is a friendly and neat way to engage with someone who is keen to use the Warp It system. If this issue is recurring, perhaps include a note in some of your reuse system literature that specifies using a work email address to sign up to Warp It.

Thank you for following our updates.


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