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We've saved our customers a whopping £10 million!

Warp It has saved its customers £10 million over the past four years!

Organisations of all sizes frequently have surplus resources that they no longer need but are still in good condition and the online platform Warp It makes it easy to rehome them internally or to other organisations.

The unloved and unused resources can range from office furniture and electrical equipment to printer cartridges, stationery and anything else that isn’t needed. They can either be swapped or donated to charities, which reduces costs, waste and carbon emissions.

Daniel O’Connor, founder and managing director of Warp It, said: “I’m thrilled that we’ve reached this huge milestone. Since launching the company, our vision has always been to reduce not just level of carbon and waste but also to help our customers cut their disposal and purchasing costs and reaching this significant milestone of £10 million in savings demonstrates we’re doing just that!”

The former waste manager set up Warp It in 2011 after spotting an opportunity to find a home for hundreds of relatively new office chairs that had been dumped into a skip- but he did not start pushing the systeem full time until 2013. 

Since then corporate, local government, central government, small businesses, university organisations, schools and not for profits companies all over the UK, in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia use the system.

Daniel said: “I would like to thank each and every one of our Warp It customers who, by donating their stuff have helped us reach this momentous milestone. My ambition has always been to make the reuse of items within organisations mainstream. Warp It should be the first port of call for organisations when buying new if they want to save on purchase costs or who have anything that can be reused by another business.

“This project is making the world a better and more sustainable place, improving resilience, reducing procurement costs and keeping products out of skips. It's a powerful online system and clearly it is working.”

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Jennifer Clair Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson

Writing for Warp It because climate change, sustainability and the environment are issues close to my heart.


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