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Topic: What we love

What we love this November 2017

Every month we share a few things that we’ve spotted that inspire, amuse and entertain. This month we’re putting Scotland in the spotlight.

Why? Well November 30th marks St Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s national day. There’ll be parties galore in Scotland and events around the world to celebrate this special occasion. So, we’ve decided to takethe opportunity to shout about all the fantastic work happening in the sustainable arena in Scotland.

Firstly, did you know that we’ve helped save over 4 million for Scottish organisations through Warp It?

In particular, we’re ever so proud that we passed the £1 million mark for the Scottish NHS this year!

Scotland has also been named one of the world’s top circular economy nations. The Circular Awards this year awarded them a global award for its work. Billed as the world’s premier circular economy awards, the programme saw Scotland rank as one of six finalists alongside organisations from China, Canada, South Africa and Europe.

circular award.jpg

The award recognises partnership working between the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland, SEPA and Scottish Enterprise to further the circular economy. How impressive is that?

What else do we love about Scotland right now?

  • Scotland will be one of the first countries in the world to phase out diesel cars. Scottish Ministers have set a 2032 target to “phase out the need” for new versions of diesel cars. The move ranks them behind just four other countries – Norway, Austria, India and Ireland.


  • They’re planning a deposit return scheme for bottles and cans. The programme, based on schemes in Scandinavia, will see customers pay a surcharge on bottles and can that will be reimbursed when they’re returned to the shop. The Scottish government has been consulting Zero Waste Scotland on the scheme, and they reckon it’ll save local authorities between £3m and £6m on litter clearance alone. 


  • They're getting on with it! There are just so many great examples of companies in Scotland already implementing circular economy principles within their businesses! This list catalogues 13 companies, from product re-design to reverse logistics, making great things happen. Get inspired and discover them for yourself.


  • Scotland passed the most ambitious carbon targets in the world. The Climate Change (Scotland) Act passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2009 helped to establish Scotland as a world-leader in tackling climate change. See here.


  • Scotland was the first country to set up a Climate Justice Find to help those in poor nations who are impacted by claimate change. See here.

And finally, we're loving a little Scottish banter! So much so, we're running a competition to win this quote in a frame.



Enter here. Good luck! 


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Jennifer Clair Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson

Writing for Warp It because climate change, sustainability and the environment are issues close to my heart.

Topics: What we love

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