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Warp It Customer Endorsements Tell Their Own Story

When you solve a problem that everyone can relate to....

When you create a simple tool to fix that problem...


When you create a solution that helps the environment, improves sustainability, and allows departments to work together in an organisation,  to make the organisation healthier and happier, you create a vehicle which helps to garner support for even more sustainability initiatives!


We’ve managed to do all of these things, and at the same time, our amazing members have now reused over £21 million worth of assets, saved around 10 million kilos of carbon, and diverted 3.4 million kilos of physical assets from going to landfill.


A big pat on the back to you

Thank you to all of our members for your hard work, dedication to reuse and organisational sustainability, and continued professionalism.


A big pat on the back to us

You’ve been so kind as to endorse the Warp It service and share your praise for all that it has done for your organisation. We’re very grateful for your kind words, and you had best believe that we do read them!


We get some funny feedback too...

funny endorsement


On our comments page, you’ve used the word BRILLIANT 97 times, HAPPY 24 times, and AMAZING 43 times. Wow!


Some heartwarming examples:


"We are seeing impressive savings, both monetary and carbon! Warp It is brilliant, it has changed the face of re-use for organisations forever and for the better!"

- Lucy Ardnt, Sustainability Officer, University of St Andrews


"A pioneering tool that genuinely combines some of the Council’s top priorities: reducing waste, saving money and supporting local groups and communities"

- Bryan Harris, Sustainability Manager, Dundee City Council


"It is so easy to use, simple and quick. You will save money straightaway as well as pooling resources with other schools. It’s brilliant- I’m gobsmacked. If I had known it was this easy I would’ve used it much earlier."

- Glenis Wallace, Sunningdale School


What a wonderful platform this is!

Much needed especially in this 21st century where humans have created lots of waste at the expense of the environment.

So contributing a filing cabinet definitely helps!

- Zhen Ron Tan, NHS Highland




You motivate and inspire us to keep going, to continue improving the platform and making it work well for you and your needs. The endorsements that you give us tell their own story, a happy story, and it’s one that we are proud to read.

If you’d like to read more of our stellar feedback, go here.


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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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