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Four Ways Healthy Competition Stimulates Reuse

Did you know that you can take a look at Warp It’s best performers for thirteen different categories?

It’s true, go ahead, take a look, you can see who the best individual user is, or you can see which organisation has saved the most carbon - it’s all there for you to view.

Why would we make this data transparent?

In this article we are going to explore four reasons that we believe healthy competition is a really positive thing, especially when it comes to sustainability. By making our league tables visible, we are not only helping our customers to see where they stack up against others in similar industries, but we are helping our potential customers to see what they are missing out on!

1) The Personal Challenge

There are always a few ultra-competitive people in any organisation. A lot of the time, they rise to the top through this attribute, making great bounds in their work to get ahead. When it comes to Warp It, we’ve learned that by making reuse a challenge, it naturally brings out the competitive nature in those people, and without necessarily realising it, they are championing a system and driving forward progressive change.

2) The Team Challenge

This system works best when an organisation has various departments and/or partners who are also using Warp It. Procurement vs Facilities Management, for example, is one battle that we could imagine seeing. Healthy competition would encourage the members of these teams to think about reuse before they go ahead and buy or dispose of items. 

3) Best Performers Rewarded

This stems from the first point, but competition naturally brings out the drive in some people, and by operating a league system within a team, department or organisational project like Warp It, the best performers are going to stand out. For those who are looking for praise, promotion or new incentives for motivation, ‘gamifying’ reuse is just one way to stimulate action.

 running track leagues competition stimulate reuse

4) Fun!

Office camaraderie can be grown and nurtured when fun is introduced into the workplace, but it won’t happen overnight. Something like a reuse project is a great place to start having fun, as it’s a positive activity and will take some time before results start adding up and becoming significant. All that fun is going to lead to results, stimulate action and give your a project that you’re proud of.


What now? If you are a Warp It customer the administrator can now add the various different departments and the system will then start to apportion savings that have been generated by each department- and generate league tables. To do this log in as admin, go to settings, go to edit profile and input the departments. 

Think you can make your way onto our leaderboards? It’s not too late! 

You might want to announce some of your best performers by sending out the information in a newsletter, article, intranet or on your notice board.

You can download our template here. 


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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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