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Charities urged to sign up to Warp It reuse service

Charities and third sector organisations are encouraged to register with the Warp It redistribution system. They will be matched with organisations to get free office furniture, fixtures and fittings, equipment, and other items.


NHS Trusts, universities, and other large organisations use Warp It to rehome redundant or unwanted assets preventing them from being binned.

Over £3.7 million worth of items unearthed in office clearances have been donated to charities and other not-for-profit organisations across the UK and abroad so far, and now Warp It’s founder and Head of Happiness, Daniel O’Connor, is calling for more charities to take advantage of the free service. Daniel said:

“The charity matching service is fast-becoming one of our most sought-after features with value of unwanted items claimed by small and micro charities currently standing at £1,596,689 while the amount donated to large charities has reached £2,187,753. Charities using the system include The British Heart Foundation; Sylvia Lanka Foundation (SLF); The Kori Development Project; and MedAid, and we would love to extend the service to charities and other good causes.”

See our round-up of donations given to charities, schools and other third sector organisations by the big-hearted Warp It community.


we love the joy of giving

Above: Around 50 new charities, community groups or schools sign up to use Warp It each month.

Warp It has seen a surge in items added to its system in recent months an increasing number of organisations undergo large clearances as they put in place different ways of working, such as remote and home-based or hotdesking, as part of their Covid-19 recovery plans and longer-term sustainability goals. Daniel said:

“We are seeing thousands of stationery items, office equipment, and furniture being added to our system, and the variety is enormous; the largest item we have redistributed so far has been folding bleacher stands estimated to be worth around £15,000 but we get everything from office desks and chairs, stationery items of all types, folders, paper, office furniture, kitchen equipment, hospital beds, other medical furniture and equipment.”

Around 50 new charities, community groups or schools sign up to use Warp It each month. The service can also be used by schools, social enterprises, and community groups and has even attracted the interest of a specialist prison squad who needed old and disused furniture to use in its intensive training.



Above: donation vary from stationery and furniture to medical and lab equipment.

Daniel concluded:

“By redistributing unwanted items, it helps organisations to save on the costs associated with sending assets to landfill and contributes to their sustainability plans and lowering their environmental impact.
Similarly, the charity benefits by receiving furniture, equipment, and other items that they need to operate smoothly without having to dip into their limited funding. It’s a win-win for everybody involved and, of course, is going a long way to helping to save the planet.”

Sign up your charity, school or third sector organisation.

Start reusing today and register with Warp It.

Read how to donate your surplus assets to charity on Warp It.


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Jennifer Clair Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson

Writing to make a difference because climate change, sustainability and the environment are issues close to my heart.


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