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Topic: What we love

We love choosing to make a difference

Choose where you focus your energy. Choose a better normal. Choose a better life. Choose a better future. 


There have never been such powerful reasons to choose to make positive and significant changes for a better and fairer normal that prioritises people and the planet.

The choices we make every day have a major impact on the lives we live and in shaping a new and better normal. Whether it’s politics, your diet or the way you travel, the choices you make have a major impact on the lives we live and contribute to a bigger overall difference.


What’s more, the choices you make will influence colleagues, peers, friends and family encouraging them to choose to do more.

Here are some choices that you can consider today to make big and meaningful differences for our future.


Put your money where your mouth is

Switching banks is one of the most powerful environmental changes you can make as an individual. While some banks are starting to publish policies that restrict financing for fossil fuels, they have a long way to go to truly align with climate stability as the Banking on Climate Change report by The Rainforest Action Network reveals with its bleak picture of how big banks are driving us toward climate disaster.

By aligning your money with your values, you can prevent funding oil, gas, and coal projects. Ethical Consumer has detailed product guides and ratings help you to choose the best banking, pensions, savings, investments and insurance choices.

But, before you do, let your bank know and ask them to change direction or they’ll never know why you’re shifting your money!

I am fully aware that changing banks means a whole storm of paperwork, direct debits, and all that other big admin change but it is also a chance to review your spending and where your money is going day to day. 

Understand in your head that this is a big job and will take a long time so break it down into chunks.


Get serious about food waste
Table of food
Total food waste in the UK has fallen by the equivalent of seven percent per person over the past three years, but individual households still need to do more to reduce the 4.5m tonnes of food waste, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

This really matters because it is untenable that we continue to waste food on such a monumental scale when we are increasingly witnessing the visible effects of climate change and when nearly a billion people go hungry every day.

Love Food Hate Waste has lots of easy practical everyday tips we can all do in the home, which will ultimately benefit the environment and your wallet. 

This Olio app connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge. It can also be used for non-food household items too.
Daniel (Head of Customer Happiness at Warp It) used to work encouraging people to Home Compost. If you have the space and inclination this is a great way to dispose of food scraps.  If you don't have space then look for others in your community who might compost and give them your scraps. 

Eat much less meat
Opting for plant-based proteins over meat and dairy products can significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, according to research

Choose to make fresh fruits and vegetables a bigger part of your diet and reduce your meat and dairy consumption by just one meal per week – then tell friends about your choice to find alternative proteins.

Avoid the rabbit hole, whatever you do!
Rabbit hole
Being positive and hopeful is an important way to combat climate change. Monitor your news intake and steer clear of fake news. They’ll just suck you into a rabbit hole of gloom and despair. Instead, choose to focus on positive and reliable news sources – you’ll be much more likely be inspired and take the action needed.
Check out our good friend's Mark & Nik Shaylers project: Reasons to be Cheerful.

Read our inspiring collection of stories on the response to the climate emergency from governments and large organisations to community groups and grass-root campaigns around the world – the solutions have great potential to make a huge impact to resolve a problem of this scale and severity. And see our blog on even more things you can do to help reduce your impact and make a positive, lasting difference. 
Now read our tools and tips to help you make up your mind. The choice is yours!

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Jennifer Clair Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson

Writing to make a difference because climate change, sustainability and the environment are issues close to my heart.

Topics: What we love

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