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Feature: setting up a department private network

by Becky

What happens when a department in the organisation only wants to reuse their assets within that department You set up a private network within your Warp It portal.

There a various reasons for this. It could be due to the nature of the item. It could, for example, be a speciality asset such as lab equipment or high-value assets that the department would like to keep in-house.

Or it might be that space managers only want to redistribute specific items.

Whatever the reasons, the ability to have a private network within the system would be highly beneficial.

Here is a guide on how to set up a private network on Warp It. 

First step - enable private groups

You'll need to set up departments for your private networks.

You can have as many as you like. 

Below is the laboratory as an example, as this department uses highly-specialised items that only another lab would find use for.

You first need to enable private groups.

Log into the admin portal and go to the blue box headed 'Settings' - 'Control Assets' and scroll down to the section headed 'Private Groups'.


This function is admin controlled.  You can choose which members belong to which group by going to the blue tab 'Members' > 'View Members", find the member/s and add them to the group.

Next - set up departments 

Go to the blue box headed 'Settings' - 'Edit profile' and scroll down to the section headed 'Department Set Up'



Here you can add as many departments as you need. 

Below is a a lab department and a main portal department set up. 



You've now set up your departments and this will enable a department to act as a private group when adding assets. 

How it works

If admin-led, the admin will go to the blue section headed 'Members' > 'View members.

Go into the members profile and you'll see a section and dropdown for department selection.



The user will get a message to let them know they have been added to a private network (department).

In the member view list, you'll be able to see which members have been linked to a private group.  

If user-,led the user will need to go into their profile and they'll see a similar drop down to choose the private group they wish to sign up to.  


Adding assets to the private network (department)

The member will now add their asset in the usual manner, with one difference; there'll be a section to choose your department and a tick box to mark this item solely for that department's use.



If the tick box is selected, the item will appear in that department's items section of the home page of the user along with any other items from that user's department.

This section will show the first five items.

If more than five items are there, the 'More' department items button will take the user to the department page showing all department items.

The admin will also be able to identify which assets are linked to a private group within active items by this symbol (see image below).




These items won't appear as latest items, search items, or star items.

They won't be included in round ups.

To return the items from department items, the user or admin must uncheck the tick box and they'll appear as a normal item again. This means they will now be latest item, search items, star items, and will be included in round ups.

Need help? 

To book a screen share session to go over this feature, or any other Warp it features, please get in touch and email becky@warp-it.co.uk

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