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Feature: setting up a department private network

What happens when a department in the organisation only wants to reuse their assets within that department You set up a private network within your Warp It portal. There . . .

VIDEO: Warp It for Labs and Research Facilities

Does the following description apply to you? Are you working in the Science or Healthcare sectors and are desperate to find a sustainable solution that enables some of . . .

Case Study: Daniel Smith, Sustainable Labs Officer, University of Birmingham

We are very pleased to welcome Daniel Smith, Sustainable Labs Officer at the University of Birmingham, to discuss the impressive work that has been going on at the . . .

New! Free Lab Reuse Campaign Materials

Recently we revealed that we were in the process of asking our community to help us design some amazing visual stimuli for laboratory or science facilities to boost . . .

Help us choose the theme for our lab reuse campaign

We want to develop a campaign around the reuse of lab equipment to free up space, reduce waste, extend lab budgets and to help labs be more sustainable. We thought it . . .

Lab Recycling Scheme Saves $6000 Per 100 Recycling Bins!

In this session we are talking to John Brooker from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) about lab recycling. Many of our members work in labs, so we thought . . .


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