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How a desktop Warp It Icon can make a huge difference to organisational reuse

by Becky

One of the easiest ways to engage people in your reuse program is to actually get people on Warp It and looking around. If they don’t get as far as the portal, something might be wrong.

In this article we are going to share a couple of tips from Warp It member Alexander Ford, from Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.


The Warp It desktop icon

When all windows are closed on your computer screen, you might see a few desktop icons, some different files and folders, maybe a button for your internet browser and another for the trash can. To help reuse make its mark on your organisation, it’s going to be great to get the Warp It desktop icon there too. As well as in the background, you should try to get it added to the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, so that it’s always visible to computer users.


A link in your intranet portal

Your intranet portal might provide you with organisational updates, a calendar of upcoming events and some links to important resources. By getting the Warp It icon or link embedded in this page, you are providing easier access to the system and making it more visible along the route that all staff have to pass through.


Note: The fewer clicks it takes to get onto Warp It, the easier it is for people to engage.


Single sign on

If you can convince your IT department to get a desktop icon onto the system, and onto the intranet too, then you have a pretty good chance of getting them to enable a single sign on method. This will allow all users to get straight into Warp It without having to type in their login details.


Your next step…

To summarise

  1. Talk to IT
  2. Get a link or icon added to your background, taskbar and intranet portal.
  3. Try and set up single sign on for your organisation
  4. Watch the reusers flock!


Free resources

Download the Warp It logos and Icons here, and don’t forget to add your unique domain to the image file.

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