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Did You Get One of Our Savings Certificates?

If you did receive a certificate, you’ll know what we are talking about, and if you didn’t, you might be asking ‘Hey! Where’s mine?’.

 Well, for those in the know, you’ll have realised that we send out special savings certificates when our members hit certain significant milestones (see previous article).


Recently, we’ve seen several members hit their first major milestone, £100k in savings! We’ve also seen a few organisations hit £250k in savings, which is incredible. Amazingly..we have some who have broken £500K in savings!!!




Impressive figures continue to grow

Thanks to the efforts of our members, we’ve now saved over £18 million collectively, with around £7m of that coming from users who have saved £100k or more.


We also now have 6 members in the £500k club, so congratulations to the University of Glasgow, University of Kent, University of Edinburgh, University College London, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and Sunderland City Council, who have saved a collective of over £3.4m between them.


Keep going!

Continued motivation is so important for keeping a reuse programme operating - we’ve heard a few cases where the honeymoon period finishes and people struggle to keep up their engagement levels.


To counteract this, we champion the idea of celebrating every victory, no matter how big or small (we even put together an epic downloadable that shows you some great celebration exercises that also build team ethic)


Show off your certificates!

We encourage the recipients of certificates to shout about their hard work internally and externally. Take a look at some of these tweets below!


Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust



University of Cambridge


 Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS


University of Southampton



University of Nottingham



Dundee City Council


Keep working hard

If you haven’t hit a major milestone yet, don’t fret, there’s plenty of time. Keep working, keep reusing, and keep engaging your staff. Continue looking for new members and signups. Find ways to make processes simpler and more efficient.


If you have recently hit a milestone, or are about to

We’ve put together a newsletter template that you can edit to your liking and send out to members in your organisation. We’ve made this a free and open download that you can access by clicking this image below.



Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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