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Does reuse take more time?

What resources are required to embed Warp It?
Many of our customers actually tell us Warp It runs itself!
Many customers say that Warp It takes less time than business as usual!

Consider your current practices

1) Disposer Dan wants to dispose of a desk. Fills in a disposal request. Porters come and remove item and either store it or spend time and money scrapping the desk.
2) Procurement Pam wants a new desk and buys one. Fills out the purchase order. And the new desk arrives, via the porters.

That is  a missed opportunity to reuse.

What it can look like:
1) Dan the disposer adds the item to Warp It. Same time taken. See here for how to add an item.
2) Procurement Pam finds the assets on Warp It- maybe immediately via the wishlist or just by a normal search. She completes a transport request- no need for PO. Time saved. (See here for how to search for and claim an item. )
3) Instead of a disposal and scrapping request- the porters move the asset from A to B. Same time taken because they also prevent the delivery of a new item.

How long does this take to set up?

It is important to emphasise that this should be a cross departmental effort- although one person usually leads. Activities can be split across departments. Procurement, sustainability, waste, facilities management. 

The main admin requirement is organising the implementation team, fixing the settings and then approving members. We provide you with a task list and action plan. We also provide all of the communication materials you might need.
You get out what you put in. We estimate it takes about 5-10 days to get Warp It piloted and embedded over the first few months. We then suggest about an hour a day for the following 1 month. Then an hour or two a week for the next 9 months. Then you are looking at an hour a week ongoing. 
When i asked one of our customers, Tracey Donovan from Rotherham and Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust how long the system takes to set up and run.  I asked Tracey if it was really true she spent 1 hour a week on Warp It.

"Oooh it’s my favourite subject time…and when people say there too busy.

I work 35 hrs a week…. in that week I monitor 2000 parking spaces that we have on site and issue parking tickets for illegal parking and also issue parking permits…I do 36 audits a month that includes 20 bedded wards…offices and 4 nurseries….I also do the PLACE (patient led assessments of the care environment) and monitor the food on 24 wards….I then do the kitchen cleanliness audits of the 24 wards on a monthly basis. I also do all the admin now for warp it and have managed to do this since April LOL..


Our initial set up took me 2 Saturday mornings 8 hrs in total. I took pictures of all items we had in stock uploaded them in March and then launched in April. Since then Warp It seems to fit in to my daily job. A good example of this was last Wednesday. I went to do an audit on an office building and whilst I was there a chap recognised me from a poster regarding Warp it that we have up and asked if I  have any spare desks. The funny thing was that the week before a lady who was based in the same building upstairs had asked me to show her how to list a desk on warp It…so we walked upstairs dismantled the desk…4 of us then moved it downstairs…Job done. It does need 1 person to drive it, ideally a person who visits all areas.

I would say 1 hour a week..but bearing in mind I earn X for 1 hour is nothing to the cost that we have saved..

Hope this helps.."


Thank you Tracey Donovan!!


Some parties may be concerned about more work.


1) Business as usual is responding to disposal requests. Moving the assets into the yard. Taking time (and exposure to injury) scrapping the assets. 

2) Business as usual is also move newly purchased  assets from a central delivery point to the point of use.

3) The alternative is instead of scrapping (very manual and time consuming) is moving the asset to new point of use.

4) When you start external donations there will also be a time saving on disposal request  and scrapping. 

What it might look like....

What it can look like....


Some evidence from our customers:

Warp It has been absolutely fantastic for our Trust - we made our money back easily during our pilot. Our admin function takes an hour a week or less, and we have had a lot of positive feedback from users. They have been pleased with how simple it is to use and they are grateful that WarpIt is there when budgets run dry! Nick Fayers, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS FT

"Once it is set up it takes an hour a week!" Tracey Donovan, Rotherham and Doncaster NHS Trust.

How do you get to this point? Follow our reuse implementation plan!


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