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Feature: customisable pop up when adding an electrical item

by Becky

Warp It users often have different ways of dealing with electrical items.

Some use Warp It to redistribute surplus electricals around their estate and beyond.

Others have this feature turned off all together. 

We want to increase the reuse of electrical items (see more on why this is a good thing here) and this feature is based on feedback from existing customers.  


Electrical poster.pdf


This feature means when you add an electrical item, a pop up is displayed with additional info so that the user knows what might happen to the electrical items.

This is in addition to the notification that is sent to anyone adding or claiming an electrical item. 

This gives the Warp It lead or admin the chance to communicate specific information about what might happen to the electrical item. 

The instruction might be: 


"Thankyou, your electrical item has been added to the system and is being advertised across the internal network. If the item is not claimed within the time frame then details about the item will be passed to the electrical waste operator and the item will be collected."


Then you simply turn on the feature in Company account > Settings > Asset Settings. Click Save and return to asset settings page to fill in popup message field that is now available.





If you haven't enabled the electrical reuse feature then this feature might give you the control that you require - so it is worth revisiting.

Need help? 

To book a screen share session to go over this feature, or any other Warp it features, please get in touch and email becky@warp-it.co.uk.

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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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