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Feature: redistributing electrical goods

by Becky

If electrical goods and gadgets are in good working order they can, and should, be reused. 

The range of electrical and electronic equipment is wide. Read more on this here.

The Warp It reuse and redistribution system makes it easy to do this within an organisation and externally to other organisations, schools, and charities.

Here’s a guide on how to do this. 

The Warp It system can advertise surplus electrical goods and gadgets.

When members add waste electrical equipment, they are asked to describe the condition as ‘excellent’, ‘poor’, ‘fair’, or ‘requires refurbishment’.

If the condition is ‘excellent’, ‘fair’ or 'poor' the items are advertised internally.

If they aren't claimed, the goods will pass straight to the contractor or whoever is responsible for reselling or disposing of electrical items. 

If ‘requires refurbishment’ is selected, information about the asset will also pass straight to the waste contractor.

This means it won't go live on the marketplace. This maintains high quality assets for reuse. Check your settings for further controls.

Need help? 

To book a screen share session to go over this feature, or any other Warp it features, please get in touch and email becky@warp-it.co.uk.

Repairing and refurbishing your electrical waste

doesn't need to be rocket science.

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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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