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Feature: Redistributing Surplus Electrical Assets

This post is here to explain how you can use Warp It to redistribute surplus electrical assets around your estate, instead of them being collected and disposed of by your waste electricals contractor.


The old process

What usually happens on estates is that when the owner of an electrical item wants to dispose of it, or no longer needs it, it gets passed to the waste electrical contractor, to dismantle and recycle the component parts. However, we know that there's a big missed opportunity by doing things this way.


The Warp It way

You can use the Warp It system to provide an online tool that staff can use to advertise their surplus electrical assets to the rest of the estate. If nobody wants these items, they can then pass them to the resale contractor (if available) or the waste contractor after their listings have expired internally.


How to do this

When members are adding waste electrical equipment, they are asked to describe the condition as ‘excellent’, ‘poor’, ‘fair’, or ‘requires refurbishment’.


If they select the condition as ‘excellent’,  ‘fair’ or 'poor' the items are advertised internally. 


If they are claimed internally then great! You win!


If they are not claimed the asset can pass straight to the contractor or whoever is responsible for reselling or disposing of electrical items. 


If they select ‘requires refurbishment’, information about the asset can pass straight to the waste contractor or whoever is responsible for disposing of electrical waste, and it won't go live on the marketplace. This maintains high quality assets for reuse. Check your settings for further controls.


The rest of the items

In summary: Any electrical assets that are described as ‘excellent’, ‘good’, or ‘fair’, will go onto the marketplace for other staff to claim, should they want them. If they don't want them, when the deadline is triggered, information about those assets will be sent to the waste electrical contractor.


There you have it

That's how you can use Warp It to really maximise the value of your electricals on your estate and provide a handy tool to collect information. You can pass that information to your waste electrical contractor, who can then arrange to collect the waste electricals, either from a central point or from the point of disposal.


Repairing and refurbishing your electrical waste

doesn't need to be rocket science...

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