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Feature: Sending Assets Straight to Charities

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One thing that we are occasionally asked is whether customers can send assets straight to a charity and bypass the internal reuse phase.

The reason this is asked is that when you add an asset it gets advertised to internal and then later to whoever has been defined as ‘priority two’, and ‘priority three’ (see this article about share days).


The asset isn’t required internally

If an asset really isn’t needed, or it’s non-compliant or doesn’t align with corporate colours, or it’s unfair to give to someone internal, there must be a facility within Warp It to enable direct-to-charity donations.


Or you are retrospectively claiming on behalf of the charity

Sometimes the charity has already collected the assets outside of the Warp It environment. This is often because the charity is not familiar with the platform and it was quicker just to take the items at the time. The good news is you can retrospectively claim so that you can track your metrics. 


Here’s how we do it:

  • When you list your item, you give it a short deadline of just 5 days
  • When an asset is listed for just 5 days, it is advertised straight out to charity (depending on what value you have on your share date)
  • Your share days should be set to five days
  • The asset is shared internally too, which is why you must put a note on the listing saying ‘Please do not claim. This is for external claimants only’.
  • Tag the item in the additional info box with "Do not claim charity only" or similar to discourage internal claims!


Share days?

The Share Day is X days before the deadline of the item, and X could be anything between 1 and 90 days.

For example, if you add an item and you have it listed for one month, if the share day is 5 days...then five days before the deadline arrives the item will be advertised externally to third parties.

You can tweak the settings and adjust exactly how many days before the deadline you’d like your items to be advertised to priority two organisations, and then how many days for priority three.

If you have one month to find a new home for a desk, you can list it for 30 days, with 10 days for priority two, and 5 days for priority three.

These are what we call the Share Days.


To clarify

The number of share days should be the same number as the number of days the item will be listed for, meaning that it is immediately shared with charity partners.


What happens if a charity doesn’t claim the item?

You’re going to need to relist your item, which is very easy. At the end of the listing period, you will receive a notification asking you what you want to do with the item.


Now simply:

  • Log in
  • Find the item in your expired items list
  • Extend the date by 5 days
  • The item is now relisted



We love helping you give more to charity

Here are some great resources

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