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Retrospective claiming

One thing that we are occasionally asked is whether customers can account for assets that have been claimed outside of the system either internally or by 3rd parties. 

The reason this is asked is that there may have been a period of reuse before implementing the system that you want to track, or a charity may have turned up on site and taken extra assets that you want to account for. 

If retrospectively claiming on behalf of an internal party.

This is fairly straightforward. If you simply want to account for the savings 

1) Add the assets using your own standard user account.

2) Put in the additional info box- DO NOT CLAIM!

3) Once all the assets have been added- click the search magnifying glass in top right and search for the term DO NOT CLAIM!

4) You will be presented with all of the items. Click into each one and claim them.


If you need to actually link the transaction to a claim to a specific person.  Get them to carry out points 3 and 4. 


If retrospectively claiming on behalf of a charity, school or another 3rd party.

Sometimes a charity has already collected the assets outside of the Warp It environment. This is often because the charity is not familiar with the platform and it was quicker just to take the items at the time. The good news is you can retrospectively claim so that you can track your metrics. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • Get the charity to sign up to the system. Here.
  • When you list your item make sure the deadline matches the share days.
  • The asset is shared internally too, which is why you must put a note on the listing saying ‘Please do not claim. This is for external claimants only’.
  • Tag the item in the additional info box with "Do not claim charity only" or similar to discourage internal claims!
  • Get the charity to log in and click the search magnifying glass in top right and search for the term "Do not claim charity only"
  • This will present all of the items. Get the charity to click into each one and claim them.
  • You will now note that your records are updated and items accounted for. 



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