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Feature: The Status of an Item

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the features of the Warp It system, to help you understand a little better how our platform operates.

We explain about the status that an item can adopt as it moves through the system.

We admit that this can be confusing because there are so many ways to display all scenarios.

You may want to grab a cuppa as this gets a bit heavy in places!

Within the admin area on the left hand side of the Warp It platform, the administrator or the lead to the system sees an overview of what items are being traded, each of which will be accompanied by one of four statuses.

Once an item is added to the system, it is available to be claimed by internal or external bodies.

When an item is added, the person listing it must put a deadline, this date is the very last point at which they can have that asset in their possession.

status of item


What happens when an item is added?

If an item is added it goes live which we call "active".


However if the organisation has the refurb/repair feature enabled and the person adding the item describes the item as requiring repair the item will not go live but will appear in the "disposal" status.

Also if the item is an electrical and the redistribution of electricals is turned off- the item again will go into "disposal"


What happens when an item is claimed?

If an item is claimed the asset will pass from active into claimed (internal or external) .


Here are the rules for the change of status between claimed and collected as well as external claims



The Item has been added to Warp It by the primary organisation.

The item has been claimed.

The item IS NOT Collected



The Item has been claimed by a user that belongs to this organisation.

The item IS set as Collected



The Item has been claimed by a user that belongs to this organisation.

The Item has been added to Warp It by this organisation.



The Item has been added to Warp It by this organisation.

The Item has been claimed by a user that DOES NOT belong to this organisation.


What happens when an item expires?

If a deadline expires (ie, someone doesn’t claim the item), a number of things can happen which affect the status of the item.

If there's a storage area on site, and the storage settings are enabled, the store manager will get an email advising him or her that an item has expired on the system and it needs to be transported to the store. The status of that item will change from ‘active’ to ‘in store’.

Once the item is sitting within the store, the store manager can only change the status of the item by extending the deadline, up to the point that they want to keep hold of it.

The item exists in the store in a physical sense, but is also now advertised on the system in a virtual sense too, making the platform a virtual stock room.

So the item’s status is both ‘in store’ but because the deadline is also in date, it is also marked as ‘active’. (This can be confusing!)


If no storage available

If the storage setting is not specified, it means that the organisation is willing to share assets with third parties. If an item has been added with a deadline, and that deadline has expired with nobody claiming it, the item will pass into the ‘expired’ status.

The admin can view items that have expired and can extend those items again by moving the date. In this case, the items will change to ‘active’ but without the label of ‘expired’.


‘Active’, ‘In Store’, ‘Expired’, and...DISPOSED!


There's a fourth status called ‘disposed’. If the organisation has a disposal email specified and disposals/ repairs enabled OR have the redistribution of electricals turned off.


To reiterate:  


Specific items go into disposed if the organisation has a  


  • disposals/ repairs enabled OR 
  • have the redistribution of electricals turned off.


In that case when an item is added, the item won’t go live, and will be given the ‘disposal’ status.


1 If item type is electrical plus electrical email specified = DISPOSED

2 if Condition drop down list is set as dispose = DISPOSED

3 if Condition drop down list is set as requires recycling or requires refurbishing = DISPOSED


We know this can be confusing! Please let us know if you have any ideas how we can make this simpler!


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