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How to get stuff done in large bureaucratic organisations.

Some might say that a large bureaucratic organisation is one of the hardest environments to get things done in.


We have to agree! 

This is a sign posting article where we have collected all of our blog posts about getting stuff done in large bureaucratic organisations , with a focus on minimal input and maximum impact!

All of these articles have been written from our experiences implementing sustainability, waste and reuse projects in the public sector over the last 15 years.

This collection is a work in progress and is not exhaustive. If there is a subject matter missing- please comment and we will do an article on it if it is relevant!

Before you start a project

Visualize success and it is more likely to happen: Define what success looks like. Read here.

Why you should set goals and my simple 7 step goal setting process. Read here.

When you set goals, something weird happens. Read here.


Getting started

The number one enemy of getting started: How to avoid distractions. Right here.

How to eat an elephant. Breaking down a project into milestones. Read here.

I know you are amazing but you can't do everything yourself. Here is why.

You set your own limitations in your mind. You can do anything really.  Here is how. 

Can't get what you need? The magic of a pilot. Here.


Getting support and participation

10 Ways to get senior commitment to your project. Read here.

How to get difficult people on board with your project: Read here.

Work smart. How to create a buzz around your project. Here.

How to get operational support. Here.

People who can do your work for you: Collaborating with your comms team.  Here.

13 low time input high output comms ideas for you to try. Here.

Things which work for you while you sleep #1. Writing a newsletter. Here.


Keeping going

The Ultimate Guide to persistence; Read here.

When the project honeymoon is over. Here's what to do.

Barriers are frustrating but they make you better. Find out why.

The Power and Importance of taking breaks. Take a break and read it.

Always focus on how far you have come. Not how far you have to go! Celebrate the mini wins! Here's my guide. 

Remember to celebrate with your team! Here.


To be continued!


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Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.


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