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How Ben is Boosting Charitable Reuse on Warp It

Ben Lynch is the Partnership Manager at Warp It. In his role, he is responsible for facilitating the safe and smooth passage of reusable assets from our valued customers to our partners in the charity and school sectors.

We’ve grabbed Ben for a quick interview so that you can learn more about what is going on behind the scenes.

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Hi Ben, what are you up to here at Warp It?

Basically I’m helping members of the 3rd sector on our website. That can mean helping new charities and schools to sign up and get started, or helping the Warp It users by resolving any issues they might have or might possibly arise.


You want more engagement between organisations and the third sector. So, what are the main benefits of donating assets to charities or schools through Warp It?

One of Warp It’s best features is that it’s promoting the reusability of assets, making them useful for longer. With all of the data and metrics we capture, we can present figures for carbon dioxide reduces, trees planted, cars taken off the road, waste to landfill avoided. Donating to charity has evolved beyond just helping the charities with their need for resell-able furniture, it’s now about saving the planet at the same time.

Schools, charities, and not-for-profits are signing up every day in order to claim furniture that will help them to upgrade their offices or stock their shops. I think this is an amazing service and it’s great that it exists for them - in fact, some of them struggle to believe we are legit!

For large paid organisations who are having a big clearance, they know that they can message me and I’m going to help them move their furniture out of their premises and to a happy claimant by a certain date. We call this an assisted donation.

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How can businesses support charities and schools through donations on Warp It? What do they need to do?

There are two ways that business, schools, and charities can all make a positive impact right now, and that’s by signing up if they haven’t already, or by increasing their donations if they are already a Warp It member.

New signups or any potentially interested party reading this, go to Warp It, sign up or email me directly at ben@warp-it.co.uk and I will help you get set up and clarify anything you want to know about claims. I’m going to make Warp It easy for you.

Existing users, the best thing you can do is to get in touch when you’re having a big building clearance. We can do the assisted donation process on your behalf and make sure more items get reused. Another idea is that if you’re walking around your organisation and you see something gathering dust in the corner, you can list it and find a new home with a charity who will enjoy it much more. Just check with the relevant people first...



We are targeting £3 million in donations to charity by Christmas, what small changes can businesses make to help us realise that ambition?

If you’re not on Warp It, sign up! If you are on Warp It, tell your partners! There are huge savings to be made on each side, for those listing items and avoiding disposal costs, and for those claiming items and getting amazing free assets. Start tracking your waste and reuse data immediately, because the sooner you see how wasteful you are and how resourceful you could be, the sooner everybody wins.

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.

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