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Topic: Action plans

How to Achieve Culture Change While You Sleep!

Our vision is to make reuse mainstream.

Our customers want to make reuse mainstream in their organisations.

Our customers are generally trying t change culture in organisations for the better. 


Culture change doesn’t just happen when you work, it should happen even while you’re asleep.

I think, the best way to make that happen is through a newsletter.

The newsletter is a powerful tool for culture change. If you do it right, the newsletter requires minimum time input for maximum impact. It is a fantastic communication channel that will help you target your messages to those that matter, cut through the noise of the organisation and ensure that colleagues remember you and even follow what you want them to do!


‘But I have nothing to say’

No worries. Collect snippets from across the estate, the organisation, the internet and from your colleagues. Tell their story. Do on-the-spot interviews. Get a small team to input content as they go.


It takes too long to write

So use voice dictation. We recommend a service called www.rev.com.


There is also a dictation feature in Google Docs and now Microsoft Word.


How to start your newsletter

  1. Choose a service like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. At Warp It, we use Hubspot.
  2. Build up your contacts - you should already have the contact details for everyone on your Warp It system. Try and collect more emails, either personally or by talking to the relevant department.
  3. Design it - this is where the comms department can help, or even the marketing department.
  4. Quality over quantity - If you don’t grab attention quickly, your newsletter will lose the reader. You want them to click through to a link or read the whole thing, and it’s down to how you guide them as to whether that will happen or not.
  5. Subject line - Blow them away with an amazing subject line and they’ll remember you for next time.
  6. Check it over - You don’t want spelling mistakes or errors undoing your hard work, so ask someone to go over it.
  7. Schedule and stick - Keep to a certain day of the week or month to build consistency and loyalty with readers.


So, when’s the first sendout?


Want to know more about newsletters?

Read Daniel's guide here. 

Or download this!

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.

Topics: Action plans

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