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Take it back to the old school- with "Memo's"!

Launching your reuse program, Increasing participation, Easy wins

Cascade a memo via staff meeting networks

This is such an easy win but so effective!!

You are trying to get your message out but it gets drowned out in the noise.

As Mark Twain said

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

No one uses memos anymore so this technique has good impact because it stands out from the crowd!

Everyone loves retro!

This is a seldom used communication technique but most of the teams across your organisation will hold regular meetings. You can use our one page memo to send out through the governance structure to inform staff at team meeting level.

How do you hook into team meetings?

  • Get the attention of senior mangers OR get senior management to agree at sustainability or procurement committees to send out the memo (remind them of the impact of your programme). 
  • Send senior manager's PA (or equivalent), the one pager and ask them to edit it as they see fit
  • Ask them to distribute to their staff meetings.
  • The one page memo gives an overview and makes it clear why your reuse system is good for the team.
  • Get the template memo here!
  • Remember to add your organisation logo for added authority.
  • Get the memo signed by senior management if possible


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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem and I want you to read our story and participate!

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