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How to Increase Your Charitable Output Through Great Communications

by Becky

Linking up with charities to make donations should be easy, right?

Well, before Warp It, it wasn’t. It was a lot of effort, with a lot of back and forth dialogue and loads of legal mishmash. 

Fortunately, we bridged the gap. One way we did that was through excellent communications and partnerships. Now, we have a solution that puts businesses and charities together with ease. This means around £2m in donations through our portal already, with £3m on the horizon.


What to do with surplus stock

If you have too much of something and you’re never going to use it, it makes sense to gift it to someone who will. Sometimes, matching items and reusing them internally doesn’t happen, either because of timeframes or storage space, or even a lack of interest or utility.


Where do you find charities?

Aside from on Warp It, charities are already among you! Your procurement lady might volunteer at a soup kitchen, your CEO perhaps donates to African schoolchildren and a whole host of staff give up their free time in the evenings for Scouts, Brownies and PTA. Appeal to your staff body, they hold the key.


Read our full Charity Donation Guide here.


Who can you help?

Just ask Paul Dodd from CT Furniture, he told us ‘The money generated from the sales (of donated furniture) keeps the warehouses and shops running - providing experience to those out of work and from challenging backgrounds. It also subsidises our transport division. Community Transport provides transport to vulnerable and isolated people. It’s a fleet of wheelchair accessible minibuses. The money from furniture also provides training opportunities.’


Ashley Scotland, founder of trauma charity Thriving Survivors was over the moon with her donations, saying ‘You know that we couldn’t possibly have afforded to be able to go and buy new. I think we got 30 desks and 18 swivel chairs as well, on top of all the filing cabinets. You know these things cost a lot. If we’re saying a desk is £100, we’re looking at thousands and thousands of pounds worth of stock that we couldn’t have funded ourselves. It did us a massive favour, we were in the right place at the right time.’


What does our template include?

If your organisation has donated significant amounts of surplus assets into the community via the Warp It portal, this is a good news story and worth shouting about. We have written a template for you that you can edit and send out via your communications team (if appropriate).

Use this guide and template to:

  • Demonstrate community leadership
  • Build your local charity network
  • Gain recognition for your hard work
  • Increase participation in your reuse programme- it is another chance to promote internally!
  • Increase support from senior management for your reuse programme.


What are you waiting for??

Download the template right here!


Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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