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New Feature: Handling Early Expiries

When an item expires without being claimed, where does it go?


Well, typically, it will move into one of two places, the ‘expired’ list, or the ‘disposed’ list, and this is dependent on your settings.

For some of our users, an expiration has come about too soon, as the item is still in stock and they are still actively looking for a new home for it. In these instances, you can re-list the item, here’s how:


Admin > Items > Stored, Expired, or Disposed of Items > List view


List view

In ‘list view’, you can choose to edit just one item at a time by clicking into it and extending the deadline through the item’s options.

If you’d like to extend multiple items at the same time, you’ll need to bulk process it. You can do this by clicking the white box on the left-hand side of each listing in list view. Then go to the drop-down menu and choose how long you want to extend by. Once this has been done, the items will return to the marketplace for your designated amount of time.

The picture below explains this process:


unnamed (2)


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