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Feature: Unique Domains

When your organisation signs up to Warp It, you will receive your own unique web address and domain, which follows this format: www.getwarpit.com/organisation_name, or www.warp-it.co.uk/organisation_name


Who decides on the details?

The person signing up on behalf of their organisation can decide what the name used for their Warp It profile is. It could be the acronym of the organisation or even the full name. It might be the email suffix that the organisation uses. What it must be, is clearly identifiable to your users, memorable to them, and not be the same as another organisation.


What’s at this new web address?

You will find:

  • Your company homepage
  • A staff registration page
  • A staff log in area
  • Local contact details of the admin


Important to know

The unique domain your organisation chooses is shareable, so you should be using the link in all of your corporate communications to get internal sign up to the portal. Put it in your email signature, on your intranet site, on a page about Warp It. You can get the IT department to add a desktop icon on organisation computers.



  • The link is shareable
  • The portal is where you register and log in
  • It's the first place to go to use Warp It
  • It’s where you can add assets an claim ssets


How is your reuse project going?

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