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Topic: Campaigns

New! Warp It Wednesday Campaign

Leeds Teaching Hospital are one of our customers. Every Wednesday their porters pick up any surplus furniture and transfer it to a new home using our system.

 They call this...




They do this ‘round robin’ collection because it is the most effective use of their time and transport. A round robin pick up and collection of assets is perfectly complemented by our new feature, where the logistics people can download a spreadsheet of all the claims from the previous week or month.

On that spreadsheet, they can see where all the assets are that need to be collected, and where they need to be delivered to.

They can chop and change the rows on the spreadsheet to create an effective delivery schedule.

We want to thank Leeds Teaching Hospital for bringing this activity to our attention, and we hope that other Warp It customers might also see this as an efficient logistics method.


What are the benefits of Warp It Wednesday?

  • Effective transport
  • It gives your staff a point of focus for your reuse activities
  • You can also tie in into your…


Declutter Campaign!

You can kick off your Warp It Wednesday with a Declutter Campaign.


But, what is a Declutter Campaign?

Very simply, it’s a way of giving staff within your organisation an easy way to declutter their offices.


Why do it?

The decluttering of an office can be used as a keystone habit to lead to more (and better) reuse behaviour (Warp It Wednesday), more (and better) reuse of assets and it can also lead to a better disposal of waste (or an improved waste disposal policy). It's a gateway habit into more sustainable behaviours. Decluttering boosts reuse, improves procurement, improves estates management, and is an action towards reducing waste and zero waste.


What questions do you need to ask?

  • Who can help you with this activity?
  • What materials do you want to decide staff are going to dispose of during the campaign?
  • What are the disposable items? The waste streams you are going to tackle.
  • What are reusable items?
  • Who's going to communicate?
  • How are you going to do it?


How to communicate the idea to staff

You'll also need to decide what the intranet content is going to look like and what sort of support you're going to give this campaign. One issue that may crop up is that you need to make staff, support staff and the stakeholders that are involved in this realise that it doesn’t mean extra work. All the stuff would have to get cleared at some point, the only change here is you're going to have more volume within a specific time frame in one moment of time, and you’re going to clear it in a more sustainable way!


How to combine Warp It Wednesdays with a Declutter Campaign?

This is simple! Perform your declutter campaign, get all of the chosen item listed, and use Warp It Wednesdays to go and distribute it all. If staff are aware that Wednesday is linked to the declutter campaign, simply hearing the word Wednesday can provide a mental reminder to reuse. The easier you make it to reuse, and to remember to reuse, the more engagement you will receive.


We have developed the following to help you promote your campaign.

  • Email signature GIFs
  • Editable posters
  • Screen Savers
  • Social Media Cards



Grab the graphics for free!

warp it wednesday campaign visuals

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Joseph Kennedy

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Topics: Campaigns

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