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Using One-to-One Training to Boost Reuse System Participation

To really maximise your reuse system, you have to get people onto the platform or reuse system, uploading their items, searching for assets and making claims.

The usual distribution curve we see on Warp It is that early adopters and the early majority jump on quite quickly and work it out for themselves because we provide video learning and support. 

Some of the late comers are put off by learning a new system.

A lot of people are put off the idea of taking part because they don’t understand how to use new web services and Warp It is no different.

For these people we recommend doing one-to-one training, which is a quick and worthwhile activity.

warp it user taking notes

Who delivers the training?

The training can be performed either by someone from Warp It, the Warp It lead within your organisation, or by a fellow user who feels confident on the system and is involved in the project, like the Waste Manager or Environmental Coordinator.

You might also like to cascade the training to other staff who can then increase your impact.


How does the process work?

  1. The new user should register for Warp It and get their login details.

  2. They arrange a time and date for a meeting with the training person.

  3. The trainer sits with them and provides an example of uploading and claiming an item.

  4. The trainer then observes the new user uploading the item and guides them when required.

  5. The trainer will sit back while the new user repeats the process, if everything is fine, the training is complete.

warp it training sessions new users

Extra resources

For our full guide to external training, click here.
For a free confirmation email template for those who will be training with you, click here.


Interesting in attending a regional workshop to get the most out of Warp It? Click here.

We’ve put together a useful free email template that will get the word out to all of your colleagues that you are the go-to person for Warp It training and support. Sending this email out is going to increase participation, especially from those who feel that they are not so great at computers, or don’t believe their surplus items are really valuable to others. 

Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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