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How Andrew reused 100s of surplus assets to furnish an entire building.

by Becky

How one man furnished the whole of his department from surplus furniture available elsewhere on is estate....

Andrew Sainty work in the Emotional Wellbeing Services, Veterans Transition Intervention & Liaison Service in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Andrew was as smart as a fox when budgets got a bit tight.

He used the Warp It internal marketplace to source items from elsewhere in his organisation. 

We welcome Andrew here for a few quick questions about the role of Warp It in their work, and how they managed to furbish 20 rooms using Warp It. This is not the first time we’ve spoke to someone from NHS Humberside, in fact you can read our interview with Head Porter Ian Sommerville right here,  and our interview with Environmental and Sustainability Manager Alex Fowler here.

Hi Andrew, can you tell us a bit about your relationship with Warp It?

Since the Warp It system was introduced in February it has been an interesting task to get front line involvement and to get the service managers to adopt the Warp It values. I had the challenge of furnishing 20 rooms within one of our front line sites. We managed to furnish 20 rooms entirely using Warp It and equipment already around the trust. With the service being an AQP contract, which means we get paid for our direct activity, using Warp It has given us the ability to invest more into staff and patient care.

What were the challenges at hand?

We had to furnish over 20 rooms to become operational, with no budget for furniture. We only get paid for the activity we can evidence, so staff salaries are our first priority.

How did you overcome them?

By using Warp It and accessing any furniture offers from other units. We have managed to get the service operational in a short period of time. Whilst not ideal (comfort and aesthetics), we can now replace as and when we have some additional funds.

Why did you choose to reuse rather than buy new?

We always prefer to recycle or upcycle rather than buy new via procurement, as money can be reinvested into patient care.

What benefits did it bring?

The main benefit from using the system was the fact I could get furniture and equipment from a free and efficient service. This was saving the department money and letting me invest that money into staff salaries. We still need some assets, so we will continue to use the service.

What advice have you got for others to do the same?

Keep looking, it’s surprising what comes in each day. Also before purchasing new equipment, check Warp It, as the money you save can be used elsewhere.

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