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The Ultimate Intern Support Pack. (For a Surplus Asset Reuse Program)

by Becky

This resource will be handy for anyone engaging interns of any type. However we are particularly focussing on engaging interns as part of a surplus assets reuse program.

We recently produced a report about surplus asset reuse practices in the US, UK and Australia. 

Engaging interns, apprenticeships or student placements was found to be a common way to resource reuse programmes.

So we thought we would create

The Ultimate Surplus Asset Reuse Program Intern Support Pack.

We asked our customers, newsletter readers (5K) and Twitter followers (Nearly 4K) for their opinion. They replied with great generosity. (As an incentive, we also gave away some Adidas trainers made from ocean plastics which may have helped!)

In this report we give you:

1) Top tips on how to find and effectively engage interns for your reuse program.

2) Intern job description, interview questions and intern management plan (we make it easy!).

3) Intern reuse action pack- including 

  • Project management life skills for your intern, how to set goals etc
  • A complete reuse program action plan
  • Running a communication campaign action plan
  • How to produce a report into your reuse program
  • Intern project self assessment
  • Intern project succession plan

Everything you need to engage an intern to help with your furniture reuse program.

We explore the following issues:

  1. Why use interns?
  2. Why the US has taken the lead on intern strategies
  3. How to hire interns and where to find them
  4. The best ways to use interns on your reuse programs. 22 tips!
  5. Convincing senior management to employ interns
  6. Why interns are not just a cheap labour option
  7. We’ve hired an intern - what now?
  8. The perception from an intern we interviewed
  9. The wrong reasons for hiring interns

This report will be of use to anyone looking to set up or improve a furniture reuse program or system, in particular:

  • Surplus managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Waste managers
  • Service design managers
  • Finance Directors
  • Estates and Facilities Managers and Directors

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