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VIDEO: Warp It for Labs and Research Facilities

Does the following description apply to you?

Are you working in the Science or Healthcare sectors and are desperate to find a sustainable solution that enables some of your unwanted assets to find an appropriate home, rather than being sent despairingly to the landfill or for incineration? If yes, Warp It offers the perfect eco-friendly solution for you.


In the video below, you are going to learn about how:

  • How lab users are using Warp It save money
  • How labs, research, and medical facilities are making their activities more sustainable through our network
  • How to list and loan items internally and externally
  • The controls in place to reduce risk and stop things from going wrong
  • Metrics and KPIs that are generated by our software
  • Relevant case studies from the sector to provide a relatable basis (here's one, and another)


What is Warp It going to do for you?

Warp It is an online customisable web service that allows your organisation to redistribute service assets internally or externally, for donation, sale, or rent. We make collaboration far more intelligent and feasible, whether internally or with outside partners.

Lab equipment, supplies, and consumables have a more specific market and thus private marketplaces are more commonplace. Private networks for staff to move assets between their internal labs allows each team to see what is available on the estate, in order to make sure that the procurement of new (and already owned) assets is avoided.

Who is hosting the video?

Warp It’s Founder, Daniel O’Connor has put together this presentation video to explain everything you need to know on this subject so that you can see how Warp It will benefit your lab, research, or medical facility.


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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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