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Youth charity hub treated to makeover with reused furniture

A charity that supports young people has given a makeover to its event and training hub using furniture provided by the Warp It redistribution system.

The Element Society helps around 500 young people each year to empower them to improve their prospects through a variety of engaging programmes and workshops designed to help them socialise and build confidence.

Its vast 14,000 square-foot property, located in Sheffield city centre, is billed as a giant youth club and meeting space, and also acts as a hub for a host of young people’s charities.


Element 1

Above: The Element Society has kitted out their public-facing spaces with unwanted furniture.


Much of the space across the building’s three floors had been standing unused and without furniture or facilities to attract young people. Working with the Warp It community has allowed them to kit out their public-facing spaces with unwanted furniture, including hundreds of chairs and some desks, making them more appealing and suitable to host a range of events.

Matthew Brewer, brand manager at the Element Society, said:

“Our public-facing spaces are really important to us as they provide a safe and supportive place for hundreds of disadvantaged young people to meet in a positive, supportive environment. We also use these areas to support other charities showcase our work and achievements to current and potential sponsors.”

Element Society helps young people be the creators of changes that they want to see in society and its projects tackle a wide range of issues including homelessness, mental health and wellbeing, knife crime, and child sexual exploitation. Providing a safe space to facilitate and showcase their project work is vital.


Element 2

Above: the furniture has transformed the rooms.


Matthew said:

“The furniture has not only transformed the rooms but has also made a massive difference for the young people we work with as they can now comfortably enjoy the space when they attend our events and training to make friends, develop ideas they are passionate about, and really make a positive difference in their communities.

“Warp It has helped us to transform these spaces into useable and professional environments where young people and vulnerable adults can socialise and build confidence. It has also allowed us to showcase our project work to potential sponsors and get them into the building to network with us, which is critical is securing the long-term viability of the charity.”

The unwanted furniture has also helped the charity save time and money. Matthew explained: “Warp It has been incredibly beneficial and has saved us an enormous amount of valuable time and money. Their donations have meant that we haven’t had to focus on fundraising for new furniture so has allowed us to continue concentrating on our core charity activities – supporting young people of all abilities, special needs, ethnicity, backgrounds, and religions to change their lives and their communities."


Element 3

Above: Warp It has helped The Element Society to transform spaces into useable and professional environments.


Matthew concluded:

“It’s amazing how some chairs and tables has helped us make the most of these spaces and reusing perfectly good quality furniture makes sense as it fits with our ethos of making the most of what others don’t need. And the fact that all this furniture hasn’t ended up in landfill is amazing – it’s win-win all round!”

Visit the Element Society website.

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Jennifer Clair Robson

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