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Examples: Getting Senior Commitment from the Very Top

Hey, Warp It members!

You may have noticed a theme in our content recently. We’ve been putting together ideas about how you can get more support from senior management, all the way up to the CEO.

In this piece, we want to show you some examples as proof of how it’s done.

In this previous article, you may have seen that in Step 5 we suggested getting a senior official to record a video promoting reuse in the organisation.

By getting important and well known green champions from around the organisation to appear on video, they have a greater reach and social credibility.

Here are two amazing examples!


Sunderland City Hospitals

We have two great examples as evidence of this in action.

The first is from Sunderland City Hospitals, where the CEO, Ken Bremner, talked about the Warp It system:



As you will have seen, it wasn’t just the CEO, they also got the Manager of the Sunderland Partnership, Jessica May; the Policy Officer for Sustainability for Sunderland City Council, Dianne Pattison; and Claire Mather, University of Sunderland.


Here are some killer quotes:

We basically piloted the Warp It software within the council for the first month in 2011 and from the the project has actually grown into schools and into our partnership with Sunderland University, among others, and we are looking to take it into the community” - Dianne Pattison
“What Warp It does is it provides a platform where materials that are currently not in use can be redistributed to other organisations that have identified a need for them” - Claire Mather



Royal Free Hospital

Royal Free Hospital in London is a major teaching hospital in London. See their video below:



They got Sumal Karunaratne (Support Service Manager), Caroline Clark (Group Deputy Chief Executive and Chair of sustainability programme), Joy Harrison (Estates and Facilities), and Elaine Gafney (Team Leader) to all go on video and promote reuse in the organisation. Watch that video here, and consider making your own!


Here are some killer quotes:

Warp It is a really easy platform to use, it only takes a couple of minutes to register, please help the Royal Free to reuse, recycle, and save money” - Sumal Karunaratne


Warp It is a really easy to use resource that you can access from your desktop which will allow you to identify spare items that you have that you might want other people to use, and also to access things you don’t have” - Caroline Clark


Please, please, please get involved, be a champion, look and be aware of everything that you use and help us become the most sustainable places in the NHS - Caroline Clark




As you can see, getting senior figures to go on the record and say how much they like Warp It, how helpful it is, that it brings great savings, and that they want to encourage more reuse through the platform, are all really useful. For anyone in the organisation who sees the video, having someone above them be an evangelist for an internal project or software will certainly spark some interest.


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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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