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How to announce the launch of your reuse program

by Becky


So, you’ve decided to abandon skips and wastage, and have found reuse to be the optimal way to get the most value and utility out of your assets. We are proud of you! If you’ve also decided to donate to charities, have another pat on the back, because you rock!


We’ve talked in the past about preparing for a reuse programme launch, but in this article we are going to talk exclusively about the announcements that need to be made.


Importance of the announcement

Awareness, policy and desire are three of the main reasons that reuse succeeds in our partners’ organisations. An announcement will inspire all three! You’ll make people aware, you’ll indicate new policy and you’ll create desire to participate (if you use our template).


A lack of these three things and it might all fall apart.


Use our template

There are thousands of ways that you could announce your reuse project, like with a party, a big team meeting, an email campaign or some hard copy materials distributed through your premises.

We’ve come to learn one of the most effective ways in which to announce your programme is via email newsletter, and we are sharing that with you in the form of a FREE downloadable template at the bottom of this article.


Who makes the announcement?

Your communications team are the go-to-guys for this announcement, so you can forward this page or the download on to them and allow them to do their magic.


Our launch superstar?

Read the Jude Hughes interview here and case study here. She’s a national award winner for her impressive reuse campaign...

  • Jude wanted a successful launch day, so she put together briefings and training

sessions for key staff. The key staff targeted were seen as influencers who could

take their learnings and share them with their own teams or close contacts. This

included divisional managers, PAs, green champions, one representative from each

department, key purchasers and notable influencers. Train the trainers!

  • Jude asked each member of staff to come to the

practical demonstration with their first item for upload, with photos and details of the

item. This taught people how to use the system, how easy it was, and in the process

they populated the site! Get people working without them realising it!


In your announcement you will-

  • Indicate how to participate
  • Give a reason and purpose for this mission and change of policy or practice
  • Display great communication and senior leadership skills
  • Gain new members immediately


All that’s left to do is download the template right here


Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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