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How to Use Flat Screens to Boost Reuse Participation

by Becky

Flat screen TVs are not only good for watching THE WORLD CUP they’re also a very useful tool for engaging people in whatever message you want to get out.

Within your organisational estate you probably have flat screen TVs in the foyer, in the lift areas etc. These can be a great tool to get your message out.

They’re an important part of our lives, screens. Just think how many are in your home, your office and every building you enter. It’s hard to not look at them when you’re passing by, right?


Use this to your advantage

At the end of this blog post you’re going to find a download for our Warp It Campaign Materials, when you download the campaign materials they will include a graphic for a screen saver for that particular campaign.

Among them you will find Warp It screensavers, which are absolutely ideal for putting on the screens in your office.


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to the link and Download the graphics.

  2. Contact your IT person and ask them to change the current screensaver and background to the Warp It ones.. or get the Warp It version inserted into their standard schedule. 

  3. Wait for people to take notice and start joining Warp It.

  4. See reuse levels increase and engagement bring about many rewards.


Clear and simple

The message on our screensavers is as simple as possible, as you might only have two seconds of someone’s attention as they are strolling through the lobby. What’s even better, if there are a lot of computers in your organisation, is to try and make it so that every computer shows a Warp It screensaver when it becomes inactive. You never know, when people are coming back from their lunch breaks, they may see the message and be inspired to start listing or claiming items.


Download your FREE Warp It campaign materials here

Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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