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New Feature: Bulk Uploads

Features and benefits, Building Clearance

In this post, we will be looking at a new feature we have added to the Warp It system that makes life easier for building clearance managers, and allows reuse to be maximised during clearances and decommissions.


The biggest gains on furniture reuse are almost always during the building clearance period, however, the people who manage building clearances often struggle to fit the demands of reusing furniture into their busy schedule. They have a massive project plan to fulfil, and must also move people into other buildings, before refurbishing the existing building, or selling it on, for example.


The big challenge

Building Clearance Managers have many different and conflicting time-outs that they have to deal with, which means the furniture gets forgotten about until the last moments and reuse is not maximised.

We're trying to make it as easy as possible for our customers to list the assets from their building clearances on Warp It, because in a perfect world when the building clearance is announced, work can begin on reuse.


What does this look like

At the start of the building clearance project (upon announcement) all of the assets are added to the system with an ‘available from date’ for the day the staff must leave the building. The assets are presented to the marketplace well in advance of that date, so that other staff around the estate, and third parties in the community, can plan their procurement needs around these assets with upcoming availability.




Ideal moving day

On the ‘available from date’, when staff are vacating the property, all assets are either claimed internally or by third parties, transport has moved everything out, and that building is cleared with time to spare.


The barrier to participation

We realize that one of the barriers to changing this practice is that some effort has to be made at the front end to avoid the mess at the back end. We know that the more work put into reuse before the clearance, the fewer scrap materials and assets will be left over for disposal, making the building clearance so much easier!




So, to make that effort as easy as possible...

We've introduced a new feature whereby you can bulk upload assets from a spreadsheet in one go to populate the marketplace.

Part of most building clearances and moves involves somebody cataloguing the assets on a spreadsheet. Now, they can then take that spreadsheet and in one click they can add tens of thousands of assets in one go.


So, how do you do it?

  1. Login as admin and download the template spreadsheet (as below). This can be found under the ‘Items’ heading in ‘bulk add items’.
  2. Give the template spreadsheet to the person who is cataloging the assets.
  3. The person cataloging the assets adds in their assets into the spreadsheet.
  4. The spreadsheet is then uploaded to the system.

 Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 18.18.31

On our side...

In most cases, the spreadsheet will match with the values we have on our databases and that should go live straight away, however there may be a slight room for error.

You do need to budget some time, because you might have to go into certain lines on the admin view, where the asset hasn't uploaded correctly and do some manual editing to make sure it goes live.

This is especially important around photographs, so just make sure you've budgeted that time. Of course, we're saving you a lot of time by introducing the facility to add thousands of assets in one go.


Use the download below to communicate your building clearance

warp it building clearance template guide decomission reuse surplus assets

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